The ITEFG is founded in the year 2017.


We develop apps, websites and software.


With our partners we can host and housing your project.


You have an idea? But you don't know as you can develop this? We help you at the project and help you by manage your project.

We work hard for your satisfaction by your project. Besides, we also work on making your project the best project.

With our partners we have all resources to host and safe your project. DoS or DDoS attacks blocked in front of our web services. We have proxy and load balancing services worldwide for the best latency.

Even if your service needs more power for a short time, this is not a problem, you can always book more or less resources, even during the current term.

You only have a limited budget? No problem we would like to discuss with you about adapted resources that fit exactly for your relationship.

You do not need to worry about being up to date with the latest technology, we do that for you and push your services without your customers realizing this on a modern system.


StreamChest (Comming)
GITCOM (Comming)